Barton Day Nurseries is fully committed to providing a positive influence on children’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviour towards food and a healthy lifestyle. The sharing of food and drink plays an important part in the social life of our Nurseries as well as reinforcing children’s understanding of the importance of healthy eating. We are especially proud of the way in which our nutrition practice is integrated into all areas of the nursery life. Staff and children eat together and children are encouraged to use real cutlery and crockery as soon as they are able to do so. We actively encourage our children to understand the relationship between healthy eating and good hygiene.


Vegetarian Food

Healthy and Delicious

Fresh Homemade Food

Locally Sourced Food

Low in fat, salt and sugars


We always help children to practice good table manners. They use cutlery, serve themselves from serving dishes and scrape their own plates clean when they have finished. We encourage them to wait patiently before they begin, eat with their mouths closed, and no elbows on the table! The results are plain to see: fun and pleasant meal times and happy children, both enjoying and contributing to the whole experience.

In line with the legal requirements drinking water is available at all times. Every Child has their own water bottle so we can monitor each child’s water consumption. We also serve milk for breakfast and afternoon snack.

Our qualified chef provides diverse and enticing healthy and nutritious meals, all freshly cooked on site. Wherever possible, we buy local produce and often grow our own fruit and vegetables to help children understand the journey of their food from field. To meet children’s requirements for certain nutrients it is recommended they have 3 meals and up to 2 snacks per day. At Barton Day Nurseries we provide children with breakfast, a two course lunch as well as an afternoon snack. We would expect children to eat another meal with their family after they get home.


At Barton Nurseries we have a physical activity and nutritional coordinator (PANCO). Our nursery chef is qualified in catering for a range of dietary/medical/religious and cultural requirements including:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Wheat Free
  • Weaning Foods

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