Orange Room - 1-2 Years


Between 12-15 months old your child will be ready to transition into the Orange Room which can hold up to 15 children. The ratio within this room remains at 1:3 and the children usually stay within this room until their second birthday.

​This room is set up to accommodate the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and caters for each child’s individual developmental needs. Staff plan appropriate activities incorporating a variety of activities which include sand and water, stories, action songs and a wide range of creative and messy play activities.

​We concentrate on the children’s fine and gross motor skills which quickly develop during this age group and our in-depth planning means we can plan for each child’s individual needs and interests, including lots of physical activities such as dancing, exploration and investigation. All the activities are planned in accordance with the EYFS which is used on a daily basis during observations of the children and the general planning and input to the day. The Orange room offers a variety of different levels in order to explore, unlike the baby room which provides mainly floor based activities. This allows the Toddlers to investigate their physical development and extend their curiosities in a variety of areas. A role play area is introduced within the Orange Room to allow the children to start developing their imaginative skills through the use of simple props to begin to make believe.

As the children begin to find their feet, they enjoy outdoor play sessions each day. During these sessions the children make full use of the climbing frame, bikes and mud kitchen they learn how to co-ordinate their movements.

​Within the Orange room the children are encouraged to extend their communication skills enhancing their verbal and non-verbal skills in order to communicate their wants and needs, and building up relationships with their peers. They will start to play games together and begin to show more independence throughout their own daily routine. Mealtimes are a social occasion within this room where we assist the children to develop their social skills through communication and social interactions. Children are encouraged to feed themselves with the support of staff sitting close by and they begin to manage their personal hygiene as they assist carers with face and hand cleaning before and after meals. Children are given a variety of refreshments throughout the day which include fresh fruit and milk.



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